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Advanced 4 sensor system ............... model  MBSW4
The Mongoose Blind Spot Monitors are available now. 
  • Monitor the side rear blind spots   
  • Left/right LED's light if a vehicle is in your blind spot  
  • See & hear alerts if you indicate to move
  • Helps with lane changes, in fog, night-time, rain, snow or misted mirrors
  • Ignores obstacles approached from the front

 LED fitted  
2 discreet LED's are fitted inside near your door mirrors, one each side.  
    A warning buzzer is fitted below your dashboard.
    2 volume levels can be selected

When a vehicle enters your rear blind spot, an LED, on your left or right, lights as a warning that a vehicle is present.
If you indicate to move into the hidden vehicles path, the LED will flash and an audible buzzer sounds a warning not to move.
If you prefer, the blind spot monitors can be programmed to only alert you when the indicators are used.
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4 sensor heads are better than 2
Unlike other systems, Mongoose blind spot monitors have 4 sensors.
2 are fitted to the sides at the front and 2 to the sides at the rear.
They prevent false alerts from obstacles being approached from the front, such as cars going the other way – pedestrians – cyclists – roadworks - drive fences - parked cars etc.
Anything that you approach from the front should not cause an alert.
2 sensor systems cannot do this.

installation mbsw4