Complete remote: MRC200W

Suitable for:

M20 / M20S / M24 / M40 / MX200 / AA660

A new remote has to be programmed into your security system for it to operate - this is called 'code learning'. 
The coding instructions can be found in your owners manual (which you can download from this website).


  1. Disarm by existing remote, or use the override
  2. Ignition ON and press override button for 5 seconds (siren chirps)
  3. Press arm button on first remote (siren chirps)
  4. Press arm button on second remote (siren chirps)
  5. Repeat from 3. for additional remotes
  6. Turn ignition OFF

 MX40 MK1

  1. Disarm by remote or use the override sequence
  2. Turn the ignition on with doors closed
  3. Open & close the drivers door 5 times to enter learning mode door remains closed at completion
  4. Siren (if fitted) chirps 5 times signifies learning mode
  5. Press remote button ONE on the first remote and then the ONE button on any other (one after the other). Learning only one erases all previous memory
  6. Turn the ignition off and test remotes

 M40 (PIN code override type)

q Disarm the system

q Open the drivers door and leave open

q Turn the ignition ON/OFF 3 times within 5 seconds (ignition remains off)

q The park lights will flash 3 times (and if fitted, the siren will chirp 3 times) and the dashboard LED will light permanently to confirm you have entered remote code learning mode.

q Press button one on the first remote – lights will flash once (optional siren chirps once) as confirmation of reception

q Press button one on the second remote – lights will flash twice (optional siren chirps twice) as confirmation of reception

q Repeat for up to four remotes (lights flash three times for the 3rd remote and four times for the 4th)

q Leave the system for 10 seconds or turn ignition ON to complete the process. This is confirmed by 3 fast light flashes (and 3 chirps if siren connected) and LED off.

NOTE: When learning a new replacement or additional remote, the original remote(s) must be re-learnt or they will be erased from memory and will not operate this system.


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