Mobile SIM card required, not included in box.

Getting the correct SIM card for your tracker is critcal and simple

A simple option is to purchase a standard PrePay SIM card. VOICE-TEXT-DATA

GPS trackers require a standard mobile SIM card so they can send their location data to you and to the website which stores its location and travel history.

The type of SIM card needed must have voice, text and data, same as you would get for your mobile phone. DO NOT USE DATA ONLY SIMCARD. 

There are many brands of SIM that provide prepaid options that you can use with the GPS trackers from the major telcos brands to smaller brands.

The Tracker, for standard usage, consumes a very small amount of data and can be very low monthly cost. When you activate your Prepaid just choose a Longer Life option for your Prepay SIM.

SIM costs on PrePay can be a low as $5.00 to $7.00 per mont. If you set up more warning and sms alerts on your tracker then this will consume more and result in increased monthly costs

If you wish to reduce or eliminate SIM charges, speak to the SIM card provider about sharing these costs with your mobile phone account. 

IMPORTANT ... NO CREDIT MEANS..NO TRACKING...NO ALERTS   Ensure when you start set up your tracker that the SIMCARD has been activated and has credit. It can somtimes take over 12 hours for some TELCOs to activate your new SIM service once you have completed the online activation.

To manage your trackers SIM card going forward…

  1. Before your SIM is inserted into the tracker,  set up the SIM card to organise an AUTOMANTIC TOP so you never run out of credit

  2. You can manually top up your SIM card online with the provider using their website top-up page, you can put a monthly reminder on your phone.

  3. Ensure you keep your SIM card number and details for future reference.

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