Warranty and Returns Policy

Warranty & Returns Policy
Mongoose Australia Pty Ltd warrants for the time periods specified below that it will make good without parts and service charge, at Mongoose’s discretion, by way of repair or replacement with the same or with a reasonable equivalent, any defect in the product, provided the product was imported and distributed by Mongoose Australia Pty Ltd..
The Warranty begins from date of purchase, Please ensure you keep a copy of your proof of purchase  for a successful warranty claim.
Products purchased in Australia and used overseas may not covered by this warranty.
Mongoose products imported from overseas and not sold via Mongoose Australia are not covered by any warranties offered by Mongoose Australia Ltd
How to Return products.
Mongoose products have a  ‘BACK TO BASE’ warranty 
It is the product owner’s responsibility to return it for either service, repair or replacement at their own cost.
For change of Mind purchases, product must un-used and to be returned in origincal condition, un-opened within 30 days of purchase.
Used products can not be returned for credit as Change of Mind.
All returned product will be inspected and reviewed for credit. Mongoose reserves the right to charge a 15% restocking fee at its discretion.
Any claim made to Mongoose Australia Pty Ltd under this warranty must comply with the following:
Any defect has been notified to the supplying Mongoose Australia dealer or if puchased direct, contact Mongoose Australia as soon as the defect was noticed.
A copy of your retail ‘proof of purchase’ stating where and when it was purchased and (if applicable) who carried out the installation. The product must have the original  Australian serial number sticker attached.
The product was manufactured within 12 months prior to the commencement of this warranty period.
The product was purchased from Mongoose Australia Pty Ltd or one of its authorised dealers/resellers.
The product has not been disassembled or the manufacturers security seals have not been broken or tampered with.
If installation of the product was required, that it has been installed by a Mongoose approved installation agent or suitably qualified industry recognised person according to the written instructions provided with the product or those of professional practices.
That the original installer, or other Mongoose dealer nominated by the original installer, has determined that the reported defect is a genuine product defect and not caused by:
 Incorrect operation, incorrect installation or any other consequential damage caused by other equipment not part of this product.
Operation of the product after it is known to be defective.
Tampered with, alteration or modification by any person.
The fitment and/or connection of additional parts or accessories not supplied by or approved of by Mongoose.
Water damage, misuse, accident, deliberate act or abuse misdirected electrical current, insufficient or excess voltage, ingress of any fluid or fire, Excessive heat from either the vehicle or the sun
Use of the product for purposes other than that for which it was designed and/or intended
(1) Labour costs for removal & refitting of parts                          
(2) Mobile ‘onsite’ service
(3) Batteries                                                                                      
(4) Normal wear and tear
(5) Other equipment connected to this product                          
(6) Any consequential loss incurred by the failure of this product
(7) Product purchased from internet trading sites which is not supplied by an authorised dealer
M60, M80II, MAP77 vehicle security                3 years
M8, M824, M15 vehicle security                       2 years
GPS tracker    VT904                                       2 years
GPS tracker  LT604                                          1 year
QVIA & LUKAS Dashcams                              2 year with Serial Number  (Excludes micro SD cards supplied with a dashcam – 6 months)
Commercial Cameras and LCD monitors        2 year
Standard camera and LCD monitors               1 year
Q Series Double DIN / DVD players                1 year 
Parking sensors / blind spot                             1 year
db Drive                                                            1 year
db Link - LED Lighting                                      1 year
db LUX - LED Lighting                                      1 year
Remote controls when supplied with alarm system - (Same period as alarm system)
Remote controls (supplied as spare part)        1 year
Spare parts & accessories                               6 months
Heavy industry Commercial usage                  50% of the above periods
If installation of the product was required and has been carried out by unauthorised persons, this warranty may be void or limited to 6 months manufacturing defects only depending on the reasons for repair.
Warranty on the installation is borne by the installer.
The period and terms of installation warranty are determined by the installer directly and should be verified with them.
Mongoose recommends that the installation warranty offered by the installer should mirror the product warranty period.
Rectification work required to correct an installation fault carried out by anyone other than the original installation agent will incur their charges.
Authorisation to have this work carried out and agreement to have any costs refunded, should be obtained from the original installation agent prior to work commencing.
If your retailer offers extended warranties in addition to the periods detailed above, then claims must be made direct to the retailer.
This warranty does not limit your legal rights.
If the original installer ceases to trade, then any installation warranty with that person may cease.
Whilst every care should be taken by the installer in the fitting of this product, responsibility for any damage to the vehicle or the product(s) is borne by the installer. Mongoose accepts no liability for any installation damage, consequential loss, incorrect fitment or operation caused by others.
Parts supplied at no charge within the warranty period:- these receive the remainder of the original warranty period.
Parts or accessories purchased which are not subject to any other warranties have a product warranty period of six months.
– exclusions above apply.
All Return, Warranty policy operate under Australian Dollar currency.