Common questions about GPS tracker operation


Mongoose units are designed to provide the user with a convenient and simple to use GPS product for private or business customers.

GPS tracking devices need to be used responsibly, with disclosure and consent of drivers and not breach any privacy rights. Mongoose GPS trackers are not for covert use.  You must disclose to any driver/user that you are using a GPS tracking system.

All customers need to ensure that they install and use GPS tracking devices in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and industry code of conduct.

If you are a business or private user of a GPS system you have the responsibility to check your relevant State or Federal legislation or seek suitable legal advice.



The manual supplied with the tracker contains everything you need to know to get the tracker operating.
Please read the manual and try out the features. The following FAQ's can assist with common questions.




Why do I need a SIM card ?

The GPS tracker knows its position on the earth by monitoring satellites. So you know where it is, the tracker uses the mobile phone network communicate with the website and your mobile phone.

Can the tracker tell me when the PrePay SIM is running out of money ?


It doesn’t know what type of plan your SIM card is on. It just knows it can connect to the mobile network.

If PrePay type, you can check the balance with the mobile provider. We advise selecting 'auto top-up' when registering a PrePay SIM card - this way, it never runs out of money.

What SIM card do I need?

Models: VT900 – LT300 - LT600 - (PT890 from November 2016)

Standard SIM card from TELSTRA, OPTUS, VODAFONE, ALDI.....

NB - All SIM cards must have voice, text and data
Do not use Data ONLY cards

Who pays for a SIM card and charges?

SIM charges are your responsibility - they are not included in the purchase price of the tracker.

The tracker doesn’t respond to text messages

  • Battery models: make sure the battery is fully charged
  • VT900 model: Make sure the tracker has been wired correctly
  • Has the SIM card been activated (turned on with the provider) ?
  • Does the SIM card have voice, text and data capability ?
  • Has the SIM card been inserted correctly ?
  • Does the SIM card, if PrePay, have credit ?
  • Are you sending the text to the trackers SIM phone number ?
  • Is the text message in the right format as detailed in the manual ?

The tracker responds to TEXT command but is not working when I look at the APP or website

  • Were all the set-up texts sent as detailed in the manual ?
  • Were they sent correctly?
  • Does the SIM card have data capability ?
  • The mobile APN or IP address may have changed – see below

I’ve put a SIM card into the tracker but nothing is working;

a:           doesn’t respond to texts


b:           green LED is lit solid

  • The solid green LED signifies no mobile connection
  • Is it the correct type of SIM card ?
  • Has the SIM card been activated (turned on) with its provider ?
  • Is there credit on the SIM card ?
  • Is the SIM inserted the right way in ?
  • Have the set-up texts been sent ?
  • Are you texting the trackers SIM phone number ?

The tracker has been working okay for months, now it’s not

  • Usually a sign of there is no money on the trackers SIM card - contact the provider to check credit
  • Is the battery flat (all models) or disconnected (VT900)

What APN's should I use

  • Telstra - telstra.internet or telstra.wap
  • OPTUS - connect   or yesinternet  or connectme
  • Vodafone -
  • ALDI -
  • Example text command :- apn123456        Reply:- apn ok

What IP address should I use

  • If using the TKSTAR or LKGPS APP :-  7700
  • If using the MONGOOSE APP           :-  7700
  • Example text command:- adminip123456 7700        Reply: - adminip ok

I cannot log on to the APP

  • Single tracker users: Select IMEI at bottom of screen    
  • Multiple tracker users who have already set up an account: Select USERNAME at bottom of screen    
  • Enter server address    
  • Enter IMEI or Username    
  • Enter password (default 123456)    
  • Have you downloaded the correct APP ? See product manual for APP details

The APP shows it’s ‘offline’

  • VT900/PT890: No SIM card credit or data allowance used up - check the SIM card
  • LT300/LT600/LT2400, PT800, PT860, PT880, BT200:: This is normal when the tracker is not moving or reporting. Data communication is turned off to save battery is still connected to GSM. Data resumes automatically when the tracker moves,


The APP/website has not yet received any 'data' from the tracker

  • SIM card not activated with the service provider
  • No data allowance on the SIM card
  • Set-up text commands not sent or sent incorrectly
  • APN not set (applies to Spark SIM cards) - see above to send APN
  • Incorrect IP address - see above

The APP shows ‘arrears’

Please contact Mongoose to rectify.
Your website and APP access needs to be updated… charge.

The tracker doesn’t send me any text alerts

  • ‘Device info’ not complete – all details must be completed
  • VT900/PT890 not ‘armed’
  • Alarm types in ‘alarm settings’ not switched on
  • APP features may have changed/updated

The time is not correct on the tracking

Ensure you have set the correct time via TIMEZONE text message and remember you need to add extra 1 hour if it is Daylight Savings time

The website is in wrong language

The TKSTAR website is designed for international use, at the bottom left of the page there are FLAGS to change to different language. For English, click the British flag for English.
The MONGOOSE APP and website are defaulted to English
Or, send the text message to the tracker  LAG1 for English

The VT900 keeps texting me when I start and stop the engine

This is ignition alert which you get when the tracker is armed. ‘Disarm’ the tracker

The VT900 keeps texting me when I’m driving around

This is either move alert or geo-fence alert which you get when the tracker is armed.

‘Disarm’ with the APP before driving

What are the 4 cars in a blue circle on the real time tracking screen

If you have multiple trackers, you can cycle through different views or different vehicles if you have more than one tracker

Why do I get straight lines across the map on ‘history’

Mainly because the vehicle cannot get GPS signals probably due to being inside a building. The tracker then bounces off the nearest mobile cell site which shows as straight lines. Deselect ‘show LBS points’ when choosing history playback

Tracker re-boot

Like any electronic device, they sometimes need to be re-booted - just like your mobile phone or PC.

PT890/VT900 - unplug the tracker module from the vehicle and then remove the SIM card. Wait a few seconds, then re-insert the SIM card and plug back into the vehicle.

All other models - If there is an on/off switch, switch it off. Remove the SIM card. Wait a few seconds then re-insert the SIM card and turn back on.

What is the IMEI ?

It’s the serial ID number of the tracker. It’s printed on the carton and the tracker itself.

Can I connect VT900 ignition wire to permanent power?

NO.  Not recommended for normal correct use. VT900 requires IGN/ACC input.

Can’t see all of the APP on my phone

It will usually be a phone setting caused by having the font size too big. Adjust your phone

Engine immobiliser doesn’t work

  • Was the immobiliser fitted and connected ?
  • Only the paired phone can use this feature. 

Engine immobiliser doesn’t work when I ARM the tracker

Correct .  ARMING is for alerts, not immobilisation.

Is it waterproof?

No. Only water/moisture resistant 

Can I see more than one tracker at a time ?

Yes if you have more than one tracker.

Contact Mongoose who will arrange a website ‘account’. You choose your own logon name and password.

You can then see all your trackers and select them individually.

Battery life

Certain GPS tracker models are battery powered. 

Battery life depends on usage, just like your mobile phone. The more it's used the more battery it uses.

Trackers require to monitor GPS satellites and mobile cell phone towers. If signals to either are blocked, usually by buildings, then the tracker will continue to search for the required signals which will increse the amount of battery power used.

GPS trackers are designed to be outdoors. Inside buildings will block GPS satellite reception causing battery drain. When indoors, turn off the tracker.

Battery life will reduce if GPS location reporting is too frequent. Constant transmitting of location data will drain the battery. 


The international mobile APP and website are not owned, managed or operated by Mongoose.

Mongoose has arranged free use of both to all purchasers of Mongoose GPS trackers shown on this website.

In times of high use worldwide, there can be delays in connecting or getting slow responses. This is either through delays via your mobile provider, international connections, high use of the APP and website – it is not a fault of the tracker

Mongoose has no control of how the APP or website work or when it may be online or offline.

There are no user guides on how to use the APP or website as they are both very easy to navigate.

The APP and website are always being updated so some features will change from time to time or not be applicable to your model of tracker.